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We are really pleased to let you know that Ian’s new collection of poems ‘Unfurling’ is published this week by Canterbury Press. Ian says of the collection:

Unfurling: poems by Ian Adams 2014
Unfurling: poems by Ian Adams 2014

‘To make a poem is to attempt a holy thing, asking what it means to be truly alive. From a season or a moment of attention a single image or idea seems to emerge, a gift should the poet find the courage to work with it. A seed in the hand. Then the task begins – by turn perplexing, demanding, joyous and even blissful – to find words, shapes and patterns that may enable that image to gift itself far beyond its origin. Both poet and reader-hearer may, of course, be changed by the poem. The seed dies, new shoots emerge, new seeds are scattered. As we discover the poem, the poem discovers us.

If there is a thread that runs through these poems it is an instinct that if our world is to rediscover her harmony and peace, such a rediscovery needs to begin within us. Through loving attention to the sacred presence in all that exists – to the earth and its creatures, to the people around us, to ourselves – we may begin to rediscover our deep at-oneness. This may gradually come to be experienced as an unfurling from all the fears and anxieties that keep us bound.

And so may all unfurl…’

Unfurling is available direct from Canterbury Press, to order from your local bookstore, and from all the usual online outlets (including free delivery worldwide from Book Depository).  We hope that you enjoy the collection – and may it be something that you keep on returning to…

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