I’ve been working with artist Richard Stott on a project called Temenos – making paintings (Ric’s) and poems (mine) in a collaborative process. Here’s the first in the series, which explores the idea of threshold space – the place where a new thing can come into being.


The exhibition gets its first showing later this month in Plymouth.

Ric’s painting is on his website.

A temenos is a sacred space, both safe and adventurous, a sanctuary where we are able to open ourselves up to new possibilities, new ways of engaging with and being in the world, new ways of understanding ourselves, new ways of relating to others and, new ways of relating to and understanding the source of all being, wisdom and love.

Each painting overlays image, colour and gesture and the poems weave words that open up spaces and invite each viewer to bring our personal stories and experiences as we interact with the painting.

Ian Adams September 2017

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