Stations of the Resurrection


I’ve really enjoyed collaborating with illustrator Si Smith in creating a meditative resource for Easter called ‘Stations of the Resurrection’. For individual or group use, it re-imagines the resurrection of Jesus happening in Si’s home city of Leeds. This raises both questions and possibilities that emerge from the astonishing event, and brings home the earthy, local nature of the Christ story. If the new thing happens, it has to happen here, and there, and wherever we are


Working with Si’s brilliant  illustrations I offer ideas for creating an art and prayer experience with 19 stations to accompany the illustrations. Each station has the illustration, a related scripture text, a visual idea, a reflection, ideas for an accompanying action/ritual, and a prayer. My aim is for the reflections to enable people to step into the space the illustrations create and offer imaginative possibilities for the viewer to engage with the story.

The resource is available here and comes in the form of downloadable images and an instruction booklet. And while you are there Proost has lots of other excellent resources, well worth checking out…

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