We are have just finished a series of Beloved Life Inner Path, Outer Journey retreats in 2017 in the UK. Look out for some day events coming up soon. We already have provisional dates for some 2018 retreats at Lee Abbey (August 4-10) Ammerdown (August 10-12) and Scargill (September 17-21.) We’ll post here when booking opens.




‘Acquire inner peace, and around you thousands will find their salvation’

St Seraphim of Sarov

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  1. Hi. I wonder if you have any places left on your Ammerdown retreat and if you could send me any info? Thanks.

    1. hi Deborah. We’ll publish dates in the Autumn. The one so far confirmed is at the Carmelite Priory Oxford June 10-12 2016. We’ll open booking for that in the Autumn. Hope to see you there or somewhere in 2016! peace to you Ian & Gail

    2. Hi Deborah
      In response to your question re retreats:
      More retreat dates coming up in Edinburgh Oxford and Ammerdown in 2016
      Booking open now via
      Hope to see you somewhere soon!
      Peace to you

  2. Loved the readings last night in Walthamstow, so uplifting, challenging. Going back to simplicity is not so simple in the demanding world in which we live..
    Loved the imagery of just laying in the wet grass having time… Being out there in God’s creation with God. Looking forward to retreat dates for next year, a number of guys already interested in possible attendance

    1. hi Brian very good to hear that you enjoyed the Walthamstow event. Look out for retreat dates being posted soon. And keep on enjoying the wonder of creation! Peace to you, Ian

  3. Hello Ian,
    I wanted to say what a pleasure it was to meet you, in Lewes last month. My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed your poetry evening and I am reading my way through ” Running over rocks “.
    Would it be possible for you to email me the retreat dates for 2016.
    Thank you for a wonderful evening 🙂

    Simone x

    1. hi Simone very good to meet you too – look out for an email with the dates (and you can follow links from the welcome page of the Beloved Life website) Hope you can join us! x

  4. Hi Ian
    It was great to meet you at the Burning Bush Barn. I find ‘Running over Rocks’ so helpful & inspiring. I may be interested in attending one of your retreats & wondered if you could give more info about the one at Oxford in 2017?
    Thanks. Many blessings. Lesley

  5. hi Lesley, lovely to meet you at BBB, and great to hear that you are enjoying Running Over Rocks. Full information and booking for the Oxford 2017 Inner Path, Outer Journey retreat will open next month – but please see below what we said about this year’s Soulful retreats – we hope that sounds good, and that we’ll see you at the retreat!
    peace to you
    Ian & Gail

    The Soulful retreat will be an opportunity for you to shape a more soulful life for yourself – and for a better world. 
    There will be a spacious mix of teaching, conversation, stillness and contemplative practice, drawing on insights around human becoming, on soul music and contemporary jazz, and on the Wisdom Teachings of Jesus. There will be opportunities for art and photography, participation in body prayer, observation of nature and learning from the wisdom of the earth. The retreat will close with a simple Eucharist.

  6. Hi Ian – Your book ‘Running Over Rocks’ has kept me calm and hopeful during what has been a difficult year. I love the poems and the way you parallel them to the teachings of Jesus. I work through the practices, and then start the book again! Thankyou for this inspirational work.I would like to be included on an email list please. Thanks Mary

    1. hi Mary – it’s very good to hear from you, and thank you for your encouraging feedback. I will add you to our email list – and look forward to speaking again.
      Grace and peace to you

  7. Hello Ian. I’ve enjoyed listening to your poetry reading at the North Cornwall Book Festival via Soundcloud. I wondered whether you will be running any events or retreats in the London area over the coming months?
    Many thanks,

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