New Creative Resources: Temenos & Future Present

Two great new resources that Ian has been involved in creating are now available:

Ian’s collaborative project with Ric Stott TEMENOS is now available for download from Proost. Over a period of a year Ric and Ian were involved in sharing ideas, sketches for paintings by Ric, and lines for poems by Ian. Gradually the project took shape, emerging around a theme of threshold or liminal space (the Temenos in the title) – the challenging but adventurous and sacred spaces where change can happen.

Ric’s paintings overlay image, colour and gesture; Ian’s poems open up spaces to invite each viewer to bring our personal stories and experiences as we interact with the paintings.

FUTURE PRESENT is a collaborative publication being launched at Greenbelt Festival 2018 and available now in book format from publisher Proost. This is a zine for dreamers of other possible worlds, other possible futures for our planet, society, business, church, or whatever other area of life you care to choose.

Jonny Baker introducing Future Present summarises the process we are suggesting like this: [1] Get some people together [2] Pick something you want to see changed and imagine a different future [3] Design the present on the basis of that future to make the future present.

Ian’s contribution – Future Present Contemplative – is a work of text, poems and photographic images. He writes…

So in God’s grace
the beautiful future takes shape here and now,
with you and with me, in this fragile present,
today, every day.

We hope that you enjoy using these wonderful resources.

Grace and peace to you, Gail and Ian

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