Morning Bell: What Can This Be?

In this series What can this be? we revisit a sequence we initially shared five years ago. We have long been drawn to Julian of Norwich [1342-c.1423] – one of the great unsung heroes of the contemplative tradition in the British Isles. Her ‘Showings’ or ‘Revelations of Divine Love’ manage to be both strange to the ear – and beautifully attuned to the challenges of contemporary life. 

Through all Julian’s writing comes the overwhelming sense that every thing and every one is beloved of God. We hope that this series will inspire you to explore more deeply into her work, and to pray inspired by her. And as we head more deeply into Autumn we hope that the images from the coast of South Devon will bring you light and joy.

Grace and peace to you
Ian & Gail

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Our body prayer for the Beatitudes ‘You are the Light of the World’ is now available to download from Proost.

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