morning bell: the Prologue


The Prologue is a new series of Morning Bell for the start of Advent and for the beginning of a new Church year. In this series we are simply offering text from the wonderful Prologue to John’s Gospel. John probably wrote his Gospel in old age, many years after his experience as a young man of being one of the disciples of Jesus. The Prologue represents a beautiful summary of what John seems to have concluded about Jesus and the nature of his place in – and gift to – the world. It’s a passage of scripture that is often read in Advent – and we invite you to imagine and reflect with us on what John is saying.

Morning Bell - the Prologue
Morning Bell – the Prologue

The photos for this series were all taken in October in Southsea and Portsmouth when I spent a week with religious community the Sisters of Bethany. Their devotion to the Christ now echoes John’s devotion to the Christ two thousand years ago. May we all be inspired again by John’s insight, and by his love…

Grace and peace to you this Advent

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Unfurling: poems
Unfurling: poems

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