morning bell: the creative spirit


A new series of morning bell beginning 26 February is an exploration into the creative spirit. Creativity in any field seems to be at the heart of the experience of what it means to be truly human. Stillness (always the starting point for Morning Bell) and creativity are essential companions, encouraging each other, and taking us back to the root of creativity. In the Judaeo-Christian tradition the source of all creativity is God, and in our own creativity we are somehow entering into the experience of the Divine. The source is the Source! And in being creative we are truly entering into mystery.


morning bell: the creative spirit
morning bell: the creative spirit


The images are of a recent experience I had of making a piece of art. The link to painting is an obvious one – but this series is about creativity in all areas of human experience. So whatever you do, whatever you make, whatever you hope for, may this series nurture you and your creativity. If you want to explore further there’s a chapter in Running Over Rocks: spiritual practices to transform tough times’ devoted to the creative spirit:  ‘To be creative is to step into our own mystery, and to sense our deep connection to the sacred…’

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