Morning Bell: The Beginning

This series – The Beginning – is a return to our roots, following a path line by line through the opening chapter of St Mark’s Gospel. Probably written in the mid to late 60s AD, Mark’s gospel was probably also the first of the four gospels to come into being. There’s a sparse immediacy to Mark’s writing. Everything matters. Nothing is surplus.

We encourage you to let the text do its thing. Enjoy what resonates. Be curious about whatever may be demanding. We hope that you will enjoy the images for the series – all taken by Ian this winter and early spring in Plymouth and Cambridge. 

In God’s grace may the gospel be truly ‘good news’ for you – opening up whatever it is that you need to discover at this time.

Grace and peace to you
Ian & Gail

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Ian’s Lent book with meditations and photos Wilderness Taunts is available now on Canterbury Press, also via your local bookshop, and all usual online sources including Book Depository with free delivery world-wide.

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