Morning Bell: Temenos

Our new series TEMENOS shows images and text from the collaboration of the same name between Ian and Ric Stott. Over a period of a year Ric and Ian were involved in sharing ideas, sketches for paintings by Ric, and lines for poems by Ian. Gradually the series emerged around a theme of threshold or liminal space (the Temenos in the title) – the challenging but adventurous space where change can happen.

A temenos is a sacred space, both safe and adventurous, a sanctuary where we are able to open ourselves up to new possibilities, new ways of engaging with and being in the world, new ways of understanding ourselves, new ways of relating to others and new ways of relating to and understanding the source of all being, wisdom and love.

Ric’s paintings overlay image, colour and gesture; Ian’s poems open up spaces to invite each viewer to bring our personal stories and experiences as we interact with the paintings.

We hope that this series will encourage you to look out for the gift of liminal space, and that this may be a helpful way to engage with the season of Lent. The Temenos exhibition has already been shown in Plymouth, Leeds and Sheffield, and is currently on show in Chester at the Wesley Centre. Look out for details of more showings to come.

Grace and peace to you
Ian & Gail

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