Morning Bell: Seeking Stillness

We find much of our meaning and sense of self through our actions – through the stuff we make, the actions we take, the things we do. That’s natural, and fine as far it goes. But our true sense of identity is to be found in a deeper place of stillness. We need to discover how to nurture patterns of stillness and movement, of prayer and action, which reshape us, and help us to bring goodness to the world. To venture in this direction will be at the same time both wonderful and disturbing. Stillness is one of the most demanding – and therefore least visited – places on the map of human existence. But it is full of promise.



The text for the series draws on reflections by Ian on  the practice of stillness in Running Over Rocks. The images for the series are all of an artwork that Ian has come to experience as an icon of stillness – one with which he spends some time most days when in Cambridge in his own attempts to be still and to pray – Daze IV by Antony Gormley, on the Sidgwick Campus of Cambridge University.

Inevitably perhaps we focus on Jesus’ words and actions, but running through the gospels we find at the heart of his practice a consistent commitment to stillness. In the spirit of the Christ may we find the stillness we seek around us and – crucially – within us, wherever we are.

Grace and peace to you for the journey into stillness and action for a better world…
Ian & Gail

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