Morning Bell: Prayer to the Trinity

This series shares lines from the Prayer to the Trinity (“Holy Trinity Whom I Adore”) composed by Carmelite nun Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity 1880-1906 (Élisabeth Catez). Her prayer is one of great love, and reveals that our true belonging is in God. It is also a prayer with outward momentum. It seeks to enable the one praying to be ‘fully given up to [the Trinity’s] creative action…’

The images in the series were made by Ian as part of an ongoing project he’s calling Empty Pool – photographing a pool on Lammas Land in Cambridge, with particular attention to it out of season, when it is empty of water.

In these testing times we pray that you will find in Elizabeth’s words and these images a renewed sense of your belonging in God, a deepening in your love for Jesus the Christ, and inspiration to pray and work for the healing of all.

Grace and peace to you
Ian & Gail

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Our body prayer for the Beatitudes You are the Light of the World is now available to download from Proost. 

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