Morning Bell: Noon Songs

This series of Morning Bell is our first audio collaboration – with Ali Dorey, Philip Roderick and Lucy Bolster – known collectively as Play In Chants. Each day of this series there is a link to hear a new chant on Soundcloud. The series is called Noon Songs – the title of one of the chants and a phrase that came from ‘playful, spontaneously made up songs full of joy and freedom’ sung in Lucy’s family.



We hope that you enjoy hearing these chants, and we also encourage you to allow each chant to take its own shape in you, accompanying you through the day, moving between stillness and movement, contemplation and action.


Play in Chants: Philip Lucy Ali
Play in Chants: Philip Lucy Ali

Ali Dorey is based in Sheffield and in her work locally and across the UK with Fresh Expressions trying to help churches to relate well with people in the wider community and to swap stories about life and faith with them. Ali is also a musician and a Companion with Contemplative Fire who tries to follow the way of Jesus. Philip Roderick is now based near Brighton. He is an intuitive musician and loves the seashore. He is founder and community leader of Contemplative Fire and founder-director of The Quiet Garden MovementLucy Bolster is working as a pioneer curate in Sheffield. She loves listening and learning in her very diverse multi-cultural community, and inviting others to join in the adventure of being a Christian. She also loves to sing anywhere and everywhere.

The images for this series have all been taken recently by Ian in the city of Plymouth, picking up a theme in the ‘Angels’ chant ‘Angels of the city / Angels of the coast / Angels of the universe…’

Grace and peace to you

Ian & Gail

There are various ways to access Morning Bell each day:

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Unfurling cover final - Version 3

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