morning bell: love light, love love


One of our patron saints in Beloved Life is undoubtedly St John of the Cross. The spirituality and hospitality of the Carmelites have been foundational for us, and the writings of this extraordinary 16th century Spanish Carmelite friar continue to provoke and inspire us in our attempts to explore the ancient and unfolding Jesus tradition. St John’s spirituality is a passionate spirituality, full of love and desire for God. It is also earthy and demanding, familiar with suffering, darkness and descent. As we continue through the waiting time of Advent towards the Nativity of the Christ this series of the daily morning bell – ‘love light, love love’ – will be shaped around phrases of St John from his ‘Sayings of Light and Love’.


morning bell: 'love light, love love' series
morning bell: ‘love light, love love’ series


We are delighted to be partnering in this series with artist and friend Sam Gingell.  Sam is inspired by the vast skies and diverse landscapes of Devon and responds with the vibrant and versatile properties of acrylics and oil on canvas. We sense that Sam’s art will prove to be an inspiring setting for the mystical wisdom of St John of the Cross. May Sam’s paintings and the words of St John be a gift to you…

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