morning bell: light & darkness


As we approach the Advent season another series of morning bell begins with another exciting collaboration – this time with illustrator Kate Alizadeh. I first met Kate at a recent Bless event  where she was doing some quick illustrations of the day.


morning bell: light & darkness series
morning bell: light & darkness series


These illustrations by Kate deliberately form a wordless narrative, inviting you to enter the story and bring to it your own experience, hopes and prayers. We are simply calling the series ‘light & darkness’ – themes which take on particular resonance at this time of the year. If you want to use words alongside the images try the Benedicite, an old canticle (song) of the church based on Psalm 148, and part of the daily lectionary reading for this coming week. It includes the line: ‘bless the Lord light and darkness: sing his praise and exalt him for ever…’

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