morning bell: lamentations for the hurting


Around the world right now there’s a lot of hurting. The new series of morning bell looks to explore ways to face deep hurt of all kinds. We are finding the ancient book of Lamentations in the Jewish scriptures to be a vital resource as we seek to be alongside those hurting, and as we face out own hurts.


lamentations for the hurting
lamentations for the hurting


The setting for the book is the catastrophic invasion and destruction of Jerusalem by the Babylonians in the 6th century BCE. Sadly the images used in Lamentations are all too familiar right now. The Book refuses to sidestep the horror of the hurting. However it does offer hope, but suggests that this will only come after suffering, and through humility. The pictures were taken at the beautiful Ammerdown centre near Bath on a recent Running Over Rocks retreat.


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