Morning Bell: Julian of Norwich series – a revelation of love

In this series of Morning Bell we are returning to the English mystic Julian of Norwich (1342 – 1423) and to a series of revelations (or ‘showings’) that she received on 13 May 1373. Mother Julian lived in a demanding time of uncertainty, and her insights come to us now with particular clarity, challenge and reassurance. For above all, as she wrote at the beginning of the Long Text, this is a revelation of love.


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The images for the series have all been made from photographs taken by Ian on a recent visit to Norwich. They feature the art and spirituality centre Burning Bush Barn in the Diocese of Norwich, the art of the Barn’s Curator / Artist Priest Wendy Shaw and other BBB artists, the beautiful Rockland Broad near to the Barn, Norwich Cathedral and St Julian’s Church Norwich.  For more on Julian see the Julian Centre.

In her quest for life and for love and for God Julian chose a path that was extremely demanding. There is much about her life that we might find strange. And yet her experience comes to us as gift, full of insight as to the nature of earth, humanity and the divine. So may we once again, with Julian, discover that all shall be well, and all shall be well, and every kind of thing shall be well…

Grace, mercy and peace to you

Ian & Gail


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