morning bell: in a garden enclosed


One of the places we keep on returning to with camera and notebook in hand is the Barbara Hepworth Sculpture Garden at the Trewyn Studio in St Ives Cornwall. The studio is pretty much as it was when Hepworth tragically died here in a fire in 1975. The garden is a wonderful setting for Hepworth’s work, the planting in a dynamic relationship with her bold sculptural pieces. For us it’s an inspiring place, drawing us into stillness and movement, reflection and creativity.

morning bell: in a garden enclosed
morning bell: in a garden enclosed

This series of Morning Bell combines some of my photos of the garden and studio with one of the poems that I’ve written in response to what I’ve encountered here: A hammer, chisel and file from Running Over Rocks. The first line of the poem (and the title of this series) – In a garden enclosed – picks up a theme from the ancient book Song of Songs from the Jewish scriptures – a hint that the twin tasks of reflection and creativity may be best understood as a journey into love. We hope that as you reflect on the poem and on the images you will find yourself drawn into stillness, movement, and yes – into love…

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