morning bell: haiku Beatitudes – 10 songs for a new world


This new series of Morning Bell works with the poem series called Haiku Beatitudes: 10 songs for a new world in Unfurling. These short poems are meditations on the Beatitudes – the famous sayings of the teacher Jesus that seem to be at the very heart of his wisdom for the world.  The Beatitudes are always challenging, often turning accepted wisdom upside down. How for example, could it be that the poor in spirit, or those who mourn, or the meek be blessed? They are also full of hope, pointing to a new world that is being called into being within us and around us.  We encourage you to spend time in the company of these poems, and be curious  about whatever unfurls. You might also like to go the Beatitudes themselves – see chapter 5 of Matthew’s Gospel .

UnfBeatitudes FLYER_4

Jesus is recorded by Matthew as having taught the Beatitudes in the open air, on hill tops. We can imagine his followers sitting around him, and a wider crowd of curious people standing around. The images are all taken one weekend this summer in South Devon.

Grace and peace to you, Ian


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Unfurling: poems
Unfurling: poems

Ian’s new collection of poems Unfurling is out now on Canterbury Press, also via your local bookshop, and all usual online sources including Book Depository with free delivery world-wide.

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