morning bell: endings and beginnings


Could an ending be a beginning, or a beginning be an ending? A new series of morning bell starts on Monday, in collaboration with priest and photographer Jane Willis. The set of pictures were taken by Jane in the parish church in East Coker, a village in Somerset – and the setting for ‘East Coker’, the second part of T S Eliot’s poetic masterpiece ‘The Four Quartets.’  The words for this series are inspired by our pondering on ideas that seem to emerge for us in the poem.


morning bell: endings & beginnings
morning bell: endings & beginnings


The Four Quartets may seem challenging, but given time their rich gifts reveal themselves. Time is just one of the themes in the poem, and we are calling this series ‘endings and beginnings’. We’ll return to the Four Quartets for inspiration in future series of morning bell – and if you sense that you may find them as compelling as we do we encourage you to buy yourself a copy and let them work on you…

Beginning the day in stillness, returning to the stillpoint during the day, or ending the day in reflection, what might be the gift, insight or wisdom here for you?

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