Morning Bell: A Spirituality for Turbulent Times

This series – A Spirituality for Turbulent Times – is an invitation to shape a life of spiritual practice that brings good to the world in the demanding times in which we live. Ian’s text for the series comes from a piece he has written for Missional Conversations – a wonderful new book [edited by Cathy Ross and Colin Smith at Church Mission Society] just out exploring emerging themes in global mission through a dialogue between theory and practice.

Ian suggests that the story of Simeon and Anna as told in Luke’s Gospel (Luke 2.25– 40) may provide particular inspiration and resonance for shaping a spirituality for our turbulent times. Their loving awareness, both of the times in which they lived and of the God whose story they inhabited, opens up a path for us.

The images from the series have all been made this Autumn in London.

And so may the holy child within each of us become strong, filled with wisdom, ever more conscious of the favour of God resting upon us, and upon our hurting and beautiful world, recognizing that another world is not simply possible, it is breaking out among us…

Grace and peace to you
Ian & Gail

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