morning bell: 40 Temptations – series for Lent

We begin a new series for the season of Lent: 40 Temptations. This series draws on the gospel accounts of the testing and temptation of Jesus in the wilderness. In this series Ian has re-imagined the temptations that we might face as taunts that might throw us off balance. In our experience there is an element of truth in each taunt – but if we face them with honesty we may discover, in the grace of God, the gift of some greater reality.


40 Temptations square cover



Ian wrote a reflection based on these 40 Temptations ‘in real time’ each day in Lent last year – the full text and images are available to download now from online publisher Proost. The images for the series are all made from photographs reflecting the bleak beauty of our urban landscape.

This series is demanding – perhaps as it should be in Lent. Please be kind to yourself, and take a break should you need one. As we pray and reflect together with Morning Bell may we find all the strength and grace we need to allow this season to do its work of preparation and transformation within us…

Ian & Gail

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Ian’s latest collection of poems Unfurling is out now in paperback and e-format on Canterbury Press, also via your local bookshop, via Kindle and all usual online sources including Book Depository with free delivery world-wide.

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