Morning Bell: 40 Temptations – a series for Lent


This Lent series of Morning Bell is a meditation on the nature of temptation. It draws on the Gospel accounts of the 40 day testing and temptation of Jesus in the wilderness, one of the deep roots that have formed the spiritual practice of Lent. These reflections in text and image attempt to see behind any obvious temptation urging us to do something wrong – and to look for the deeper questions that are being asked of us about life, love and faith. If we are truly attentive the apparent temptation or taunt may turn out to offer a gift, enabling us to understand who we are and to embrace what is being called of us.


Morning Bell: 40 Temptations - series for Lent
Morning Bell: 40 Temptations – series for Lent

This will be a demanding Lent series, as it should be. The themes are tough, the images have a bleak quality, and the language will be sometimes be earthy. If you need to opt out for a while please do that – be kind to yourself. But as and when you are able, please join us as we journey through wilderness. The photos that form the base of the images begin with a series taken on a train journey this winter.

If you can, check out one of the Gospel accounts of Jesus’s time in the wilderness (Matthew 4.1-11 / Mark 1.12-13 / Luke 4.1-13) and consider how he responded to the temptations that came his way. As we pray and reflect together this Lent no doubt at some point the wild beasts may come, but so too may angels…

Grace and peace to you
Ian & Gail

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Unfurling: poems

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