Cave Refectory Road 5: on the road


On the Road continues our second year of spiritual practice in Beloved Life. Working with ideas from Ian’s book Cave Refectory Road: monastic rhythms for contemporary living we are exploring how ancient practices from the Jesus tradition might be a gift in our own times and in our own places, helping to bring about the kind of better world that Jesus described as the ‘kingdom of heaven’ coming near.

‘There is great value in stability, but the spiritual search has a dynamic quality, so God may be found in movement as much as in stillness. A significant stream of monastic life always begins to flow from the deep pools of the religious enclosure. The stream flows where it will, unafraid to encounter whoever and whatever it finds. This is the way of the friar.


Cave Refectory Road - on the road
Cave Refectory Road – on the road

The experience of friar-disciples is that on the road we may learn something about the companionship of the God-man Jesus, our fellow traveller; something about the guiding of the God-Spirit, full of surprise; and something about the constancy of the God-Parent, drawing us on. Learning on the road can happen in all directions to those who are open to it. The disciple learns from the person encountered, the person encountered learns from the disciple…’

©Ian Adams ‘Cave Refectory Road: monastic rhythms for contemporary living’ (Canterbury Press and Liturgical Press USA)

Look out for short daily posts around this latest theme on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll be doing the practices wherever we are, and we’ll look forward to hearing how you get on – do let us know!

Unfurling: poems
Unfurling: poems

Ian’s latest collection of poems Unfurling is out now in paperback and e-format on Canterbury Press, also via your local bookshop, and all usual online sources including  Book Depository  with free delivery world-wide.

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