beloved life practices 2: walk the good earth

REFLECTION: ‘There are many and undoubted benefits in the way we live now, but we have paid a heavy price for them. One of the costliest losses has been our widespread disconnection from the earth that nurtures us and from the creatures and life forms that share the planet with us… We can and must take our place again in companionship with the astonishing blue-green planet in a spirit of humility, love and ingenuity. Whenever we engage in practices that remind us that we are Earth-People we will rediscover who we are and connect more deeply into the nature and mystery of existence itself, its patterns of flowering and fading, of death-seed and resurrection-shoot…

beloved life: walk the good earth
beloved life: walk the good earth

PRACTICE: You may prefer to run the good earth, or cycle the good earth. You might only able to sit on the good earth. Whatever your preference, the core of the practice is the same: to discover a way to be with the earth. To be out in the natural world. To find your place in the landscape. To enter again into local relationship with the planet and its creatures…’

©Ian Adams 2013 ‘Running Over Rocks: spiritual practices to transform tough times’ (Canterbury Press)

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