beloved life practices 1: come home to your body


REFLECTION: ‘All you need is a deserted beach, lake, loch or river. Perhaps the sun breaking through. A desire to reconnect. And the impulsive courage to slip into the wildness of water. The spiritual life is not an ethereal, other-worldly thing, but a gritty, earthy human endeavour. To live a spiritual life is to discover a way of being that encompasses all that we are as human beings, connecting our inner person and our outer life, reflecting our best aspirations and our less-than-perfect realities. Our inner spark takes shape in the earthy reality of human bodies in engagement with the world around us. We need to come home to our bodies.

beloved life: come home to your body
beloved life: come home to your body

PRACTICE: Look for something that will enable your body to open up, to breathe deep, and to unfurl. Let yourself be drawn to something that is (or could become) somehow natural to you – perhaps walking or running, swimming or dancing, some simple stretching or yoga. This practice is not about pushing your body, dominating it or breaking through some kind of barrier. This is about loving your body, respecting its giftedness, and coming home to yourself…’

©Ian Adams 2013 ‘Running Over Rocks: spiritual practices to transform tough times’ (Canterbury Press)

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