beloved life practices for Advent & the Nativity 2013: earth & body


We are planning to offer a series of resources throughout the year beginning Advent 2013. Many of these will draw in part on Ian’s book ‘Running Over Rocks’ which outlines 52 spiritual practices in 8 series, each series sitting well in a particular season of the church year.

Running Over Rocks begins with the series ‘Practices of Earth and Body: from separation towards belonging – re-learning to live as human beings in the world’. These practices resonate particularly well in the seasons of Advent and the Nativity. In these seasons the tradition celebrates the divine taking earthy form in the man called Jesus of Nazareth, who becomes body, mind and spirit as one of us, with us and for us.

Beloved Life - earth and body practices
Beloved Life – earth and body practices

Look out for a weekly post on the website outlining a new practice – and then short daily posts around the week’s theme on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll be doing the practices wherever we are, and we’ll look forward to hearing how you get on – do let us know!


Running Over Rocks is available from Canterbury Press, all usual book sources local and online including Amazon and The Book Depository, and in e-book format from Kindle ©Ian Adams 2013


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