beloved life practices 9: find your stillpoint


REFLECTION: ‘Where do you go when everything is in chaos? When life is in turmoil? When everything is in flux? The practice of Slow into Stillness marks the journey we need to make to help us face the tough times. The practice of Find Your Stillpoint suggests that there is a destination for the stillness path, a place within us to which the journey into stillness is leading. This destination is the stillpoint, the place of beloved belonging, from which a life of stillness and action can flourish, whatever is coming our way. This is the heart of the unknown land on the map of existence marked by St John of the Cross. And it is of course a state of being rather than a physical place…


beloved life: find your stillpoint
beloved life: find your stillpoint


PRACTICE: The practice of Find your Stillpoint is the practice of Slow into Stillness continued, ever deeper, ever further. So follow that pattern of still-space, posture, breath and stilling word. Now, if and when you sense you are ready, let go of the stilling word, and be attentive to what you may encounter. You are in the stillpoint at the core of your being. In my own experience this may, very occasionally, feel euphoric. Sometimes there may simply be a notion of rest, a hint of joy, a sense that we are not on our own. At other, more demanding times, this can feel like absence, darkness, and even loss. This is all very usual. In the ancient and unfolding Jesus tradition this is all described as some kind of experience of God…’

©Ian Adams 2013 ‘Running Over Rocks: spiritual practices to transform tough times’ (Canterbury Press)

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