beloved life practices 42: become the deep change



You could take a sledge-hammer to this place.
You could begin to knock it down.
And drag the furniture into the street.
Build a pyre. Pour on petrol.
Then light a great fire.
Stand well back. 
And see it burn.

Or you could light a candle. 
You could put it in a jar.
And carry it with you to your neighbour.
Ask your neighbour to do the same.
Then move in close. 
And find yourself
all flame. 

©Ian Adams 2013 ‘Running Over Rocks: spiritual practices to transform tough times’ (Canterbury Press)


REFLECTION: ‘How does the world get changed for better? Most big changes comes in small steps, through unseen experiments, and from intuitive innovations. The practice of Become the Deep Change is about embracing a life of depth – being willing to be low-profile, even at times hidden from sight, unconcerned for any fluctuations in standing, popularity or honour. It’s also about seeking depth in the sense of weight, character and long-term commitment – the opposite of being shallow, bland, manipulative or fickle. But perhaps most importantly it’s about embodying the change we seek…’

beloved life: become the deep change
beloved life: become the deep change


PRACTICE: ‘What might happen if we commit to nurturing low-profile ways of life in which bringing goodness is the main priority, regardless of reputation, status or success? This practice will involve us in a practice of resistance and imagination. The arguments will need to be made – our work, if you like. But just as important will be the way that we imagine and then embody alternative possibilities, laughing as we refuse to accept the unacceptable, joyfully offering other possibilities. A way into this practice: decide to do something good every day this week, whether or not anyone will see it being done. Become the Deep Change!

©Ian Adams 2013 ‘Running Over Rocks: spiritual practices to transform tough times’ (Canterbury Press)

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Unfurling: poems
Unfurling: poems

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