beloved life practices 41: choose courageous

REFLECTION: ‘Sooner or later in every human life, there comes a moment, a day or a season when it’s clear that only courage will see us through. This is part of the earthy reality of what it means to be human. And deciding to Choose Courageous in the face of immense difficulty is part of the key to discovering peace for ourselves, and thus key to the bringing of peace to the world around us. The ability to make this choice is deep within all of us. It’s not about having no fear. That would be unreal and foolish. Our sense of fear is there to protect us, and in some situations flight from fear is absolutely the right thing to do. The problem is that fear can begin to characterize how we view the world, everything that we do, and even what we become…’

beloved life: choose courageous
beloved life: choose courageous

PRACTICE: ‘The practice of Choose Courageous is about learning to accept our fear and finding what we need to continue along the good path that offers itself to us. Like most of the practices in Running Over Rocks this practice is grounded in self-awareness. Try to notice the next situation, choice or dilemma in which a courageous response might be an option for you. Catch yourself beginning to make a decision. Ask yourself: What might be the truly courageous option here? What might doing the right thing look like? And so may you Choose Courageous and may the world be changed…’

©Ian Adams 2013 ‘Running Over Rocks: spiritual practices to transform tough times’ (Canterbury Press)

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Unfurling: poems
Unfurling: poems

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  1. Kate Posted on September 6, 2014 at 9:43 am

    🙂 thanks for this… my life has needed me to be courageous for a very long time and to be fair the opportunities to be courageous have been coupled with a growing understanding that what I feel at the same time is actually terror about the potentials of the situations to go horribly wrong and damage me. In this place I have realised the true need to assess the very real risks and to plan what I’ll do if the worst happens whilst choosing to take steps towards helping the risk to be taken in the most positive way. Even today, having lived so long with challenges to be courageous and taken them, that courage is not purely a habit… it is still a very real choice, something I could refrain from, something that has big risks attached to it and very uncertain out comes and yet I know I can develop an attitude that is positive towards any of the various possible outcomes knowing that what is most painful is the anticipation of what might happen and the unknowing of it all. Risk is part of life, taking risks with courage with a positive attitude can widen your sphere of life and lead to greater freedom. At least this is what I’m hoping for as I prepare my next steps. 🙂 K

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