beloved life practices 32: less as more


hi everyone, we are just back from our  2 week  tea-break / time out / sabbath. Look out for the return of the daily Morning Bell and the Beloved  Life year of spiritual practice beginning this Monday 7 July. See below the introduction to next week’s spiritual practice Less as More…

Many thanks for sharing the journey with us 🙂 grace and peace to you, Ian & Gail.


REFLECTION: ‘The idea of perpetual economic growth is bad for our neighbour, bad for the earth, and bad for us. We need to find another way, another motif creed, another goal. We want to suggest that this needs to be the pursuit, not of perpetual growth, but of perpetual harmony, perpetual partnership, perpetual simplicity. As indicated by all the practices in Running Over Rocks, any change for good in the wider world needs to begin with us. So this stance of Less as More is about seeking harmony, partnership and simplification in our relationship with the earth and with each other. It’s about abandoning our false complexities and discovering a new simplicity…’

beloved life: less as more
beloved life: less as more

PRACTICE: ‘Wherever and whenever you have a choice to make today, consider the more simple solution as a possible option. Whether you are choosing clothes to wear for work, a sandwich to buy for lunch, or a colour to paint a wall, a choice towards harmony and simplicity is possible. You won’t always choose the simpler option – sometimes there will be other considerations that hold sway – but the act of making the simple option a genuine possibility may encourage us to keep locating ourselves on that more harmonious path – towards a more serene way of life that helps shape a truly happy planet…’

©Ian Adams 2013 ‘Running Over Rocks: spiritual practices to transform tough times’ (Canterbury Press)

Look out for short daily posts around the week’s theme on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll be doing the practices wherever we are, and we’ll look forward to hearing how you get on – do let us know!

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