beloved life practices 31: dance hands open


REFLECTION: ‘How easily we are transfixed by the things we desire or own! One of the great wisdom teachings of Buddhism is the need for us to detach ourselves from the things that hold us. The rabbi Jesus echoes this learning. He understands the irony of ownership. The way that we can become owned by the thing that we own. Ownership is power, but not always quite as we might have imagined it… We’re calling this stance Dance Hands Open. Dancing through life with open hands means learning to carry lightly whatever we possess or care for. Our responsibilities and possessions are gifts, not our identity, nor our reason for being.’

beloved life: dance hands open
beloved life: dance hands open

PRACTICE: ‘When we give it our attention, the scope of open-handedness begins to spread more widely. Our reputations, security, achievements, knowledge, skills and gifts are also best held lightly… Here’s a tangible way into the practice of Dance with Hands Open. Find somewhere to dance. Big open spaces work as well as anything for this. And if this needs to be on your own that’s fine. Turn your music up to loud. And discover how natural – and good – it is to dance with hands open…’

©Ian Adams 2013 ‘Running Over Rocks: spiritual practices to transform tough times’ (Canterbury Press)

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