beloved life practices 29: choose your icons (become what you see)


REFLECTION: ‘The visual image matters. And images and icons are all around us… True observation – attentive and loving observation – is not a dispassionate activity. If our attention is loving – not grasping but open to the otherness of the being or the object being seen – that person or object may mediate something sacred to us, and we may mediate something sacred to them. So the practice of Choose your Icons (Become What you See) helps us to become aware of the images that shape us all; and offers the possibility of engaging with icons that may bring particular good to us and to the world around us…’

beloved life: choose your icons
beloved life: choose your icons

PRACTICE: ‘Your icons are all around you. On your screens, on your walls, and in your magazines. This practice is about being intentional about the images we live with, and becoming the good thing that we see. So reflect on the images that you choose (or allow) to be your icon-companions. A step deeper into this tradition is to seek out an icon from the ancient Jesus tradition to accompany you in your stillness or prayer space. If you decide to do this let the process be a prayerful one. May the icon that you need find you…’

©Ian Adams 2013 ‘Running Over Rocks: spiritual practices to transform tough times’ (Canterbury Press)

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