beloved life practices 26: live with momentum


REFLECTION: ‘If I was fifteen again I’d love to learn the art of freerunning – a practice of negotiating the urban landscape that has emerged from the movement discipline of parkour. This is a literal and exuberant running over rocks in the city. What a brilliant thing! To run and jump, to balance and slide in, on and through our physical surroundings. To discover that walls, ramps and steps can be with us rather than against us. To re-encounter concrete as a landscape of possibility, energy and life. Freerunning harnesses the possibility of continuous movement in an unpromising landscape. The practice of Live with Momentum encourages us to move in, through and within the often unpromising landscape of our lives…’

beloved life: live with momentum
beloved life: live with momentum

PRACTICE: ‘Unless you are a freerunner, Live with Momentum will be for most of us a stance of imagination. It nevertheless contains real possibility for how we live each day. As a way in, take a walk near to where you live or work. Begin to see the walls, paths, ramps and roads as representing both the challenges and possibilities that are coming up for you. Imagine yourself running over them, enjoying how they might give you new energy and direction…’

©Ian Adams 2013 ‘Running Over Rocks: spiritual practices to transform tough times’ (Canterbury Press)

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