beloved life practices 23: be curious


REFLECTION: ‘Who are your gurus? Your wise men and wise women? Your wisdom teachers? The good news is that, when we realize that we have such companions, whatever the question or dilemma we face, we don’t have to make up the answer. We just have to be open to the collective wisdom of earth, creatures, people and the divine – ready for the wisdom that is ready for you. We call this practice Be Curious. We need to cultivate a curious way of life. And however young or old we are, and however experienced or inexperienced we might be, it’s vital to keep on learning. We need to become adept at sensing and receiving the wisdom which is offering itself to us…’

beloved life: be curious
beloved life: be curious

PRACTICE: ‘Here’s a practice of Be Curious that draws on the wisdom of the famous Israelite king Solomon, as offered to the world in an ancient book attributed to him and found in the Jewish scriptures. The wisdom of the Book of Proverbs is earthy and spiritual, detailed and epic, surprising and disturbing. There are 31 chapters in the wisdom book of Proverbs, so it’s straightforward enough to work with the chapter with the same number as the date in the month. Slowly read the chapter, being alert to its wisdom for you, and let it do its work on you…’

©Ian Adams 2013 ‘Running Over Rocks: spiritual practices to transform tough times’ (Canterbury Press)

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