beloved life practices 20: greet your passing


REFLECTION: ‘For most of us, I suspect, there is somewhere deep down a quiet undercurrent of fear of death, an awkward reality against which we are ready to rage but which we most usually cope with through leaving well alone. But there is perhaps a deeper truth about our death that means that we need not be so fearful of it. Is it possible that our passing from this life might somehow be acceptable, in tune with the ways things need to be, and even somehow good? To be fully human, we need to prepare ourselves for making the greatest journey we will ever encounter after the journey into human life itself…

beloved life: greet your passing
beloved life: greet your passing

PRACTICE: ‘So I wonder what might happen if we begin to see preparation for our death as a key task for a good life? Greet your Passing is about accepting the one-day-reality of our death. It’s also about nurturing an openness towards the evolving, passing and changing nature of life now. Taking the advice of the Desert Fathers and Mothers, the practice of Greet your Dying is a daily call to remember the death of your body. Here’s a meditation to help you into the practice:

 As you prepare to sleep, lie on your back for a few minutes. Place your hands on your heart in a gesture of gratitude. Give thanks for another day of life. Make a prayer for a good passing from this life through death. Ask for strength and peace for the journey whenever that day may come. And for joy for whatever may unfold…’ 

©Ian Adams 2013 ‘Running Over Rocks: spiritual practices to transform tough times’ (Canterbury Press)

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