a movement of spiritual practice rooted in Christian contemplative tradition :  the work of Gail Adams and Ian Adams :  exploring what we call inner path and outer journey : re-imagining what it means to be human, shaping a better world now  :  sharing resources, practices, retreats and events, and offering accompanying presence.

Gail Adams is a spiritual director, mentor and life-coach. She is Chaplain at Ridley Hall Cambridge. Gail is passionate about the nurture of daily patterns of stillness, presence and self-awareness – and says ‘I love it when the people I am working with rediscover their peace, joy and fulfilment…’

Ian Adams is a poet, writer and photographer working with themes of spirituality and culture. Ian’s books are all available from Canterbury Press, to order from your local bookstore, and from Amazon.

Ian’s first complete collection of poems Unfurling is out now. He is the author of Breathing DeepSome Small HeavenWilderness Taunts,  Running Over Rocks and Cave Refectory Road. Ian is the creator of Morning Bell, Chaplain at Ridley Hall Cambridge, and Spirituality Lead for Church Mission Society.

Sources of Beloved Life

In Beloved Life we are seeking wisdom and practices in daily life for personal transformation, reshaping of community and renewal of the earth.

We are looking to learn from the life and teaching of Jesus the Christ, source of wisdom and companion for the journey that we are making.

We are looking to learn from the earth and its creatures, letting their quiet wisdom guide us.

We are looking to learn from the saints and the mystics, the dreamers and the activists, the poets and the artists, the makers and the explorers in every area of human activity who have walked this path before us.

We hope that you will find here some of the resources that you may need for your own inner path and outer journey.

‘Acquire inner peace, and thousands around you will find their salvation…’                        

St Seraphim of Sarov

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  1. David Smith Posted on January 7, 2023 at 5:56 pm

    Hi there Ian. In 2011 I went to Fresh Expressions workshop in Poole, and you are one of the speakers. Through that I was introduced to you Cave Refectory Road book, which I subsequently found very influential. It was an important part of the journey let me to recently accepted onto the new monastic Order of the Mustard Seed “season of preparation”, which I began this week. I receive the new OMS handbook yesterday, I was delighted to see your own book is referenced and acknowledged! I do not know where this preparatory phase will ultimately take me, but thank you for being part of the journey! Dave

    1. Ian Adams Posted on January 8, 2023 at 12:00 pm

      hi David. Good to hear from you – and thanks for letting me know that Cave Refectory Road has been helpful to you and to the Order of the Mustard Seed. Blessings to you in your season of preparation. Do stay in touch – and if you would like our occasional news email the link is below. Grace and peace to you, Ian

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