a new book – Wilderness Taunts

We are delighted to let you know that Ian has a new book out now on Canterbury Press. Wilderness Taunts: revealing your light began as a personal journey through Lent, shared each day on Morning Bell. Ian re-imagined the temptations faced by Jesus as taunts that might throw us off balance – critical voices from external sources and from within ourselves. His experience was that when faced with honesty and openness, the truth of these taunts, however disturbing, also begins to reveal some deeper truth. In the darkness, our light is revealed…


Wilderness Taunts is a series of 40 meditations in Ian’s words and photos, drawing on those original experiences. We hope that this book may be a gift to you in Lent and beyond, helping you to always find the light within you…

Grace and peace to you
Ian & Gail

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