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Welcome to Beloved Life: a project exploring spiritual life and spiritual practice drawing on the wisdom of the Jesus path and on insights around human becoming. Welcome to all imaginers : hopers : dreamers : peacemakers : artists : music-makers : earth-lovers : spiritual path-takers : mystics : contemplatives : change-bringers : and anyone who wants to help reshape the world for good!

Ian’s new book is out now on Canterbury Press – Wilderness Taunts (revealing your light) – a series of 40 meditations in Ian’s words and photos…



We are have just finished the last of the 2017 Beloved Life Inner Path, Outer Journey retreats in the UK. Look out for some day events coming up soon…

Thank you for sharing the spiritual journey with us…

Grace and peace to you

Ian & Gail



29 thoughts on “welcome

  1. Many thanks for the Beloved Life Retreat from which Trudy and I have just returned.
    We found it restorative, inspirational and reassuring.
    Could I have and email address to discuss art and poetry support for a Medical Humanities Longitudinal Module entitled “The Good Samaritan”?

  2. Ditto Steve & Trudy’s comment from David & Vicky!
    Re-imagined; Newly-adventured; Alively-generous … XX

  3. Hi Ian, and thanks for the Beatitude Haikus. Enrolled on Celebrate Recovery a few years ago, and this ‘series’ has sharpened and enlivened the message many times over. Thank you

  4. Dear Ian,

    My neighbour put me on to your book ‘Running Over Rocks’, he looked in my heart and saw what I needed! It’s truly a beautiful and practical book that I am benefiting from in more ways than I can describe 🙂 Thank You!!!

    I wondered if you have any spaces left on The Unfurling Retreat on Iona next Year?

    Many Thanks,

    Mike Daniels
    Isle of Arran

  5. Dear Ian, is it possible you could contact me about the possibility sometime in 2015 or in 2016 about leading a weekend or longer retreat at Sandymount Retreat House near Liverpool.

  6. Hello,

    I am wondering if there are any more details available for Ian’s Bristol poetry event on the 27th of March?

    Thank you,

  7. Hello Ian,

    Thank you so much for your reply, I am very sorry for the delay in mine! (I have not had internet access for the past week)
    Is there an entry fee for the Bristol bookshop event?
    I am also wondering, if it isn’t too much trouble, could you let me know the details of the Sheffield event? I am not sure yet which event will be best for me to attend (Bristol or Sheffield)

    Every Blessing
    Miriam xxx

    P.s I am afraid I cannot seem to access the Facebook page you linked to.

    1. hi Miriam.
      Both events are free.
      The Bristol event is at Foyles bookstore and begins 6pm Friday 27 March.
      The facebook link is: https://www.facebook.com/events/795076387228431/
      The Sheffield event is at the 35 Chapel walk art gallery and begins at 8pm Friday 24 April.
      The Facebook link is https://www.facebook.com/events/649768135127362/
      It may be that you can only see these if you are on Facebook?
      Let me know of you need any more info 🙂
      peace to you Ian

  8. Hi Ian, a challenging and thought provoking day at the Old Deanery, thank you. Please can you let me know the name of the painting you showed of Mary washing the feet of Jesus, it was so powerful. Many thanks, God bless, Jacque

  9. Ian – Thank you for the day at the Old Deanery on Thursday for spiritual directors/compassionate listeners. It was so enriching and energising.
    A friend has asked if I can recommend where she might go for an individually guided retreat, & I am wondering if this is something that you offer?
    Peace and Joy

    1. Hi Charmion, thanks for this, and good to hear that you enjoyed the day. I’m afraid that I don’t offer individually guided retreat. Some retreat houses may be able to offer this, particularly when connected to religious communities. An alternative might be for your friend to speak to Gail about the one-to-one soul-friending that she offers – she can contact Gail for a free half hour exploratory conversation: theseechange@gmail.com
      Peace to you

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